The Ukraine government was given a one-month deadline to establish the rules of registration in Ukrainian territory for all foreign citizens

Analyst: “We think the Poroshenko administration is betting that any such losses will be remedied by the economic rebound that has begun, as well as economic opportunities in eastern Europe, where travel has become easier.”


Travel notes from Budapest 2017/6/30 12:46:13

Announcing a third daily flight to Moscow Sheremetyevo from 29 October, Aeroflot will be offering over 7,000 weekly two-way seats from Budapest to its main hub at Russia’s busiest airport. 


Visa-free short-stay access to the EU has begun for Ukrainians - but only those with biometric passports. Cheering, hundreds entered the EU in what President Poroshenko called a symbolic final breakaway from Moscow.


Turkish Airlines has faced a challenging 18 months, but it has continued to launch new routes from its main Istanbul Atatürk base including Cluj-Napoca in Romania, Havana in Cuba, Kharkiv in Ukraine (shown) and Samara in Russia.

“I am absolutely confident that this is a historical day for the EU. Ukraine returns to the European family. Ukraine says final farewell to the Soviet and Russian empire,” Petro Poroshenko said


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An EU bill allowing Ukrainians into the bloc for short stays without visas has been overwhelmingly backed by the European Parliament. Amid the conflict with Russia, the deal is a show of closer EU-Ukraine ties.


Level, a new carrier, will be based in Barcelona and will initially fly to Oakland, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and the Dominican Republic.



Kyiv will get five flights a week from London Stansted, Ryanair’s biggest base, together with three each from Stockholm, Manchester in northern England and Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Lviv will have three weekly services from the Polish cities of Krakow and Wroclaw and two apiece from Stansted, Eindhoven, Berlin, Budapest and Memmingen, 80 kilometers (50 miles) east of Munich. 


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