“The growth in the love of Russians for television has even eclipsed sex.” Fifteen percent of Russians listed sex as a favorite activity in 2010, but only 12 percent did so in 2018.

“I constantly pray the Lord may heal the wounds inflicted by war and grant his peace to beloved Ukraine,” said the Pope.


Photo: On May 23rd during the general audience the Pope greeted the Ukrainian soldiers that complete their pilgrimage to Lourdes and blessed them.


Former 'The Voice' contestant Bethlehem Endale is bringing her unique story and powerful pipes to Russian Taglit-Birthright groups in Israel


Photo: Bethlehem Endale performing on 'The Voice' Ukraine (Screenshot)



A process that could take at least years - maybe decades - is slowly moving the Kyiv Patriarchate toward achieving official recognition as autocephalous


Photo: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (left) talks with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul on April 9.

Typical of the synagogues documented by Christian Herrmann is this crumbling building that served the Jewish population of the Galician town of Zalishchyky in Ternopil Oblast.


Putin’s favorite priest – and said by many to be Putin’s choice to succeed Patriarch Kirill – has a history of beliefs many find peculiar. For example, Bishop – soon-to-be Metropolitan Tikhon claims Czar Nicholas II may have been killed in a ritual slaying, a century-old canard blaming the Jews for regicide*.

Metropolitan Oleksandr: “The fact is that, after analyzing almost a century-long history of the struggle of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians for autocephaly, I realized: there is no alternative to the canonical independence of our Church.”


Repressive actions against religious groups and especially “large and small Christian churches in Russia” are increasing - except for the Orthodox of the Moscow Patriarchate. Some of the most brutal repression has occurred in Russian-occupied Ukrainian Crimea.


The choreographer tells Debra Craine what to expect of the Royal Ballet’s first new take on the classic for 30 years


Liam Scarlett with Lauren Cuthbertson, who leads one of the six Swan Lake casts

Photo: Chris McAndrew for The Times


“…the unification of all Orthodox groups in Ukraine would make the Ukrainian Orthodox Church the largest in the world.”


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