Putin is not simply being repressive against various religions such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims but he is following the very same pattern the Soviets did, choosing one, penetrating it with security officers, and oppressing everyone else.



UBO: At the recent G-7 meeting in Canada, U.S. President Donald Trump reportedly demonstrated not only an abysmal ignorance of the reality regarding Russian annexation of Crimea but in the process gave additional credence to questions about his relationship with Vladimir Putin.  In his commentary below on June 14, Paul Goble describes Trump’s illusions about Crimea and the possible disastrous effects of the growing Trump-Putin bromance.


“It is clear that Patriarch Kirill is seeking to deprive his competitor of ties with Moscow” and also of the income that the Sretensky Monastery can provide. “Tikhon does continue as head of the [synod’s] council on culture, but this is as nothing compared to a monastery next to the Lubyanka.”


Photo: Bishop Tikhon (l), President Putin and Patriarch Kirill during a Putin visit to the Sretensky Monastery, May 25, 2017 [Photo courtesy Putin personal website]

“If such ‘achievements’ are considered a success, then what could one consider ‘not a success’?” The Forbidden Opinion asks.  “Putin is not the greatest world strategist. In the past, he was a frustrated political figure with a chronic complex of incompleteness and now is a complete political corpse.” But he is “a corpse which they have forgotten to bury in a timely fashion and therefore he continues to sit on the throne and foul the surrounding air.”


“…the Russian historian says that he is ‘deeply skeptical’ that the measures taken so far or even being contemplated will have an impact on Putin and his friends as their authors hope.  They are more likely to affect those Russians who have simply tried to protect their wealth by putting some of it beyond the borders of Russia.



Analyst: “… if they happen, sanctions against Germany over Nord Stream 2 will take the U.S.-Russia conflict to a higher, more dangerous level.”

NATO has accepted countries with problems concerning territorial integrity in the past. However, none of the size and strategic importance such as Ukraine. What are some of the arguments in favour of Kyiv entering the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation?

Photo: Jens Stoltenberg and Petro Poroshenko in 2017

“…the Russian Federation is projected to earn five times as much from the sale of oil and gas this year than last and have a budget surplus this year for the first time in seven years.”

“Putin may hope that Russian women will begin to have three or four children, but the number of potential mothers and their family size preferences make such hopes ‘unserious.” And the Kremlin leader may hope for economic growth but fails to talk about any systemic changes that such growth would require.


"He didn't really strongly gather in anything. On the contrary, he lost Ukraine. Now he seems to be gradually losing [the breakaway Moldovan region of] Transdniester, which is drifting out of Russia's sphere of influence. And Armenia is beginning to move away.... But the television view is that Putin is a victor, that he restored Crimea. But is it such an achievement to lose Ukraine with its 40 million people to gain the 2 million in Crimea?"


Photo: Anti-Trump demonstration in his native city of St. Petersburg, Russia


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