The doses of fish oil used in a Danish study were high, 2.4 grams per day — 15 to 20 times what most Americans consume from foods. Credit: Getty Images


A woman takes a close look at a steaming fumarola at the Solfatara crater bed in the Campi Flegrei near Naples, Italy.  Photo: Fran D'Emilio

Discovery Hints at Possible Treatment, Cure for HIV – of extreme importance in Ukraine – which has high levels of HIV infection – and Russia – with even higher incidence of infection.

A revealing infographic shows the effects of a can of energy drinks for up to 12 days.

Approximately one in every 50 residents of that city [Yekaterinburg] is infected, with rates for younger age groups, newborns and certain districts even higher than that.  Officials acknowledged that Sverdlovsk oblast as a whole ranks first in Russia in terms of the number of HIV infections registered per 100,000 population.


Ukraine’s Acting Minister of Health Ulana Suprun is an American-educated medical doctor.

Photo: Credit Ulana Suprun Facebook page.

The good, the bad, and the ugly side effects, according to science.


The message is: “We have had enough!”


< The eye of a 14-year-old child suffering from vitamin A deficiency. Photo: Medical Journal of Australia


An Australian scientist has proven that some so-called “picky eaters” may be following a diet that heads them toward poor eyesight and possibly even blindness. Professor Stephanie Watson recounts one case where a 14-year-old had been losing eyesight because of a diet that consisted mostly of nothing except chicken, potatoes, dry bread and Coke – had left him so malnourished he was going blind.


Now the results of a randomized trial of a novel plaque identifying toothpaste show statistically significant reductions in dental plaque and inflammation throughout the body


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