Michael Chobanian claims: “By the end of the year, around 150 Bitcoin ATMs will be installed throughout Ukraine. This is at the request of one customer who contacted us. Plus, there is a constant demand from entrepreneurs across Ukraine who want to engage in this business, that is, buy terminals and sell cryptocurrencies.”


  •  Cooperate to modernize existing diesel locomotives and manufacturing of new ones.
  • Cooperation for the locomotive fleet renewal and maintenance with significant localization of Ukrainian components and facilities
  • UZ completed successful trip to the United States meeting with large US companies operating worldwide in railroad equipment manufacturing 

Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) improves 2.6% to its highest price since February 2013

In Ukraine for the announcement, Xcoal President Ernie Thrasher said, “The U.S. coal will replace Russian origin coal at existing thermal power plants.”

Analyst: “We…maintain our forecast of DTEK Energy’s 1H17 EBITDA at UAH 10.7 bln (rising 3.3x yoy) and our bullish view on DTEKUA Eurobonds.”


Analyst: “We retain our position treating OSCHAD notes as our top pick in Ukraine’s quasi-sovereign bond universe.” 

Analyst: “…it looks like the bank has all chances to survive and improve its profitability in the future, which raises the chance for Eurobond holders to claim their investments back if they win the upcoming international litigation against a bail-in made in December 2016.”

A target of infrastructure hacks, the nation’s government has a long way to go if it’s to protect itself in the future.

Analyst: “The good news is that the bank remains cash-rich, but its reduced net interest income looks worrying.”


The Administration of President Donald Trump is celebrating the sale of U.S. coal to Ukraine, stating in a news release: “As promised during the campaign, President Trump is unshackling American energy with each day on the job.  This has brought enormous benefit to our nation’s coal communities, and will now also benefit an important international partner.” The release goes on to add: “According to a recent EIA report, U.S. coal exports have increased by nearly 60 percent in the first months of the Trump Administration.”


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