UAC said it has firm orders for 175 MC-21s.


Photo courtesy of United Aircraft Corp.

The three-year project, managed by EASA, is designed to support the implementation in Ukraine of EU airworthiness rules, and thus prepare the country’s participation in EASA’s activities.


Analyst: “It is now more likely that the meetings on June 21 will be successful, after which the new trustee will try to sue against the bail-in of Eurobonds.”

Analyst: “We estimate that this land bank acquisition can potentially add up to USD 50 mln to the company’s annual EBITDA, and we do not rule out the possibility that Kernel might announce more land acquisitions soon.”

Canola oil has about 7 percent saturated fat, about half as much as olive oil and a fraction of what’s in palm oil, according to the Canola Council of Canada. 


Ukrainian beer, Ukrainian vodka and Ukrainian chocolate top the list of items that will now enter Canada duty free.

Analyst: “We believe the fair price range of PUMBUZ bonds is close to 103.0%-103.5%, which implies a YTM of 6.5-7.5%. This YTM is above the interest rate at which PUMB is now attracting one-year dollar deposits from households (at 4.5%).”


Analyst: “We are keeping our positive view on Metinvest bonds, which are now trading at 92-93% of par.”


Analyst: “This is an important victory for the Ukrainian gas giant – at least it means that Naftogaz won’t be forced to pay multi-billion-dollar bills for breaching the ‘take-or-pay’ clause.”


Ukraine continues to expand its position as a world leader in vegoil production, particularly sunflower seed oil

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