This event marks an important first step towards improving the democratic process in countries historically impacted by fraud and corruption with paper ballots. While still early, the implications of blockchain voting could be transformative to democracies around the world. Blockchain technology improves upon previous digital voting systems by ensuring transparency, safety and voter anonymity. 

The expected growth in Ethereum’s market cap is reportedly driven by the applicability of its network, and the growth of initial coin offerings (ICOs) As covered by Hacked, ICO fundraising has topped $1.2 billion in February, bringing the total amount raised this year to $2.7 billion.


Analyst: “…we believe that by submitting the appeal Gazprom will be only able to postpone its payment to Naftogaz. And such postponement may be costly for the Russian holding, as Naftogaz is asserting.”

The Mt Gox sell off continues to drag Bitcoins sharply lower with no end in sight


On March 8, the price of bitcoin dropped to $9,000, after reaching $11,000 merely 48 hours ago. Analysts have attributed three major factors to the decline in the price of bitcoin: Mt. Gox sell off, SEC announcement, penalization of Japanese exchanges.


With two tenders completed, Ukraine has generated UAH 7.89 bln from 4G mobile license sales this year, which is 26% higher than the regulator’s appraisal price.


In addition to being prohibited from offering its tokens to New Jersey residents, the order warned that Bitcoiin may face other enforcement actions, including both ancillary relief and civil penalties. 

Regulators in China have begun blocking social media accounts belonging to cryptocurrency exchanges that continue to offer services to customers located on the mainland.


Analyst: “Apparently, weak demand - coupled with February’s poor budget results - prompted MinFin to agree more easily on significantly higher rates, particularly on the shortest 3M bonds. Given this situation, next week’s auction is likely to result in even higher interest rates.”


Cryptocurrencies all hit the skids except for Monero, which seems to be gaining steam because transactions on the Monero network cannot be traced.

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