Cuban: “'s interesting because I think there are a lot of assets that have values based on just supply and demand. You know, most stocks, they don't have any intrinsic value, no true ownership rights, no voting rights, you just have the ability to buy and sell those stocks. They're like baseball cards and I think Bitcoin is the same thing...”



Swimming against the tide, Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) climbed 0.3%, extending its hot streak to six sessions at a 10.5% gain. 



“Given the disappointing growth trajectory and return of current account widening, don't think the NBU and the authorities will be that worried by a little UAH correction”

The primary task for implementation of this project is revival of E-40 navigable waterway and river transportation on the route the Baltic Sea – Gdansk – the Dnipro River – the Black Sea.


Sunflower oil producer Kernel (KER PW, -4.4%) was a major factor in pulling the WIG Ukraine index into negative territory


Ferrexpo (FXPO LN), Ukraine’s most widely held and traded stock, improved 0.6%, extending its win streak to four sessions at a 7.1% gain on the LSE

The UX concluded the month at a 4.9% improvement and reached its highest level since August 2014.


UDP Renewables, which is part of the development group UDP, introduced its first SES in the Kyiv region and announced plans to build in Ukraine a number of renewable energy facilities with a combined capacity of 300 MW, most of which are solar power plants. 

Ukraine’s universities are seeing their finance student populations exploding – Kyiv School of Economics in particular comes to mind. Of course, this burgeoning interest in finance as a undergrad and post-grad field of study is a “no brainer” – the finance job openings are plentiful and the starting salaries are attention-getters. The Born2Invest website reports the following:


Analyst: “Our position remains that there is little value in both UKRLAN and AVINPU bonds.”


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