Trees save megacities millions

2017/8/25 23:11:32

During heatwaves, set to become more frequent as temperatures rise, trees can cool buildings, potentially reducing the cost of fans and air conditioning, according to a study by the State University of New York.  Kyiv once enjoyed a worldwide reputation for its famous Green Zone but developers have been allowed to chop huge parts of it away. Perhaps Kyiv’s mayor and raion officials ought to be mining the SUNY study for ideas on how to turn things around here.

By Reuters as published in the Bangkok Post, Aug 25, 2017


Trees in cities reduce air pollution, absorb carbon and protect people during heatwaves, saving megacities more than $500 million a year in health care, energy costs and environmental protection.


"With one in ten people predicted to live in cities of more than 10 million inhabitants by 2030, urban forests can make these spaces healthier and more affordable,'' a study by the State University of New York reveals.


The study, which is being heralded worldwide, was headed by Theodore Endreny, of SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry.


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