Analyst: “What remains worrying is that DTEK made little progress in restructuring its banking debt in 2Q17, but we do not expect it will lead to any negative consequences for the holding. Our view on DTEKUA bonds remains bullish.”


Naftogaz said it would hold a briefing on Wednesday concerning the board’s resignation.


Anti-Moscow Patriarchate activists demonstrate at the Holy Ascension Cathedral of St. Elizabeth monastery, located in Nova Balashivka


Most of the proceeds from the new bond placement will be used to repay the bonds maturing in 2019 (USD 1.82 bln outstanding) to those who will agree to sell them at a price of 106% of par.


The demonstrators carried placards reading “We need enemies,” “We need traditional values” and “imaginary enemies,” “A clown state,” and “I didn’t serve, I’m not a clown”


Analyst: “The budget deficit target is lower than what the IMF outlined (2.5% of GDP), meaning that the spending plan has good chances for positive feedback from the IMF.”


Many countries and individual cities are spending huge sums on attracting expanded tourist traffic. If Ukraine’s capital city – and the entire country – wants to jet propel its tourism trade – and the attraction of young, well-qualified workers - the provision of free Wi-Fi nationwide might be just the fresh idea that has been missing from the development equation. 


At least 400 individuals, including the super-rich from Russia and Ukraine, have allegedly received Cypriot citizenship by investing in the country


Analyst: “Trump is likely to promote more U.S. energy supplies to Ukraine, such as liquefied natural gas, after he brokered a deal with Poroshenko on U.S. anthracite coal.”


That cheer you hear every time North Korea sends another missile on its way is probably coming from the world’s gold bugs

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