Global peace and security cannot be achieved without fair and sustainable development and respect for all the rights of all children. One day they will be adults.  The way we protect our world and our children will impact on how they will protect their own world and their own children, in a not-so-distant future.



Archbishop Vingt-Trois addressed the terrorist attacks, referring to them as barbaric, and insisted that the country must fight back with strength within.



Analyst: “We still expect the IMF board will adopt its decision in favor of Ukraine; either it will not declare the debt to the Russian fund as ‘official,’ or it will declare it official and change its policy to allow Ukraine not to repay it on time.”


“Putin declared that Russia ‘will act in correspondence with Article 51 of the UN Charter which recognizes the right of states to self-defense,’ thus cloaking himself in international law for a possible act on particular states.”


“The verification criteria must be robust otherwise the inspection process will fail,” said Coe.


<Photo: President Petro Poroshenko presents George Soros with one of Ukraine's highest awards -- the Order of Liberty.




Vladimir Putin is running – and rather successfully, we might add – a shell game that attempts to hide the reality that nothing has changed with him. His tactics change but the goal remains – as always – gaining a free hand to subjugate Ukraine and return it as part of a new Russian empire. Allowing him to succeed would represent the greatest failure imaginable for the West – for Ukraine – and ultimately for peace in the world.

“Access to education and provision of psychosocial support are crucial to give hope to children and adolescents in eastern Ukraine. Far too many children have experienced traumatic events caused by the armed conflict. We need to help these children now to recover and move on with their life.”


Egg producer Avangardco slid 4.6% bringing its losses over three consecutive sessions to -19.1%.

However, only Russia accused of state-sponsored “systemic doping within Russian athletics, as well as the involvement of the FSB secret police in the testing programme,” by the World Anti-Doping Agency


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