<Photo: Russia’s 810th independent Naval Infantry Brigade was one of at least three units involved in the takeover of Crimea, in which armed men lacking identifying insignias seized strategic points around the peninsula in February and March 2014. 


 <A Nazi propaganda poster with Ukrainian text that says ‘Hitler, Liberator,’ circa 1941*

In August 1941, [Hitler’s] men began to shoot Jews in massacres on the scale of tens of thousands at a time, in the middle of Europe, in a setting they had themselves made anarchic, over pits dug in the black earth of Ukraine.

“Putin does not respect our president whatsoever” Trump tells Ukraine audience during speech via video link.


In a lead article today, the editors of…Moscow paper [Nezavisimaya Gazeta] draw that conclusion on the basis of a recent declaration by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov that sanctions will remain in place for a long time because they are intended to limit Russia’s ability to act independently.


<Photo: Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov



<Sometimes a picture – or a well-done editorial cartoon - is worth ten-thousand words.




As an encouraging trend, DTEK was able to boost anthracite production 19% m/m in August 2015 (to 0.43 mmt) by almost doubling output at its Komsomolets Donbasa mine. 


Avangardco collapse continues for seventh consecutive session to lowest price since April 2010 IPO.

“The 488-page complaint, the product of a decade of investigations into the spread of Russian organized crime during the Putin era, portrays links between the criminal enterprise and top law-enforcement officials and policy makers in Moscow.”

Nominees also include three whistleblowers -- Edward Snowden, Antoine Deltour, and Stephanie Gibaud -- Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, Somalian activist Edna Adan Ismail, and Mesa da la Unidad Democracia, which provides legal services for political prisoners and opposition groups in Venezuela.

“I don't think the Russians have any real intent in getting dragged in to the conflict in Syria - they have neither the military capability therein, nor desire given that their main focus still remains Ukraine.”


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