Former Pentagon Ukraine desk official says: “…our military support for Ukraine was not enough to withstand a Soviet legacy of weak institutions, corruption that compromised Ukraine’s independence from Russia, particularly in the industrial and energy sectors, and a low rate of economic development. The result was Ukraine’s inability to join the European Union and a loss of sovereign territory to Russia.”


Photo: Stacy Closson*


UBO takes pleasure in publicizing the Easter message of the Religious Information Service of Ukraine, the provider of so many of the religious and cultural articles that RISU allows to republish with attribution. We deeply appreciate RISU’s efforts that help us provide a broader reflection of the religious practices and beliefs of the Ukrainian people.


Technical facts collected by the United States and other observers and the testimony of defectors to the Syrian regime provide more than adequate proof that Bashar al-Assad is lying when he denies attacking his own citizens with prohibited chemical agents. Moreover, the Kremlin with excellent intelligence sources in the al-Assad regime is knowingly supporting the regime’s statements that they know to be lies.


Photo: Defected Syrian general Zaher al-Sakat (YouTube screenshot)



“According to a new poll by Kyiv’s Razumkov Center, 92 percent of Ukrainian citizens now consider themselves ethnic Ukrainians, six percent say they are ethnic Russians, and 1.5 percent identify as members of other ethnic groups.”


Holy Unction Service at Holy Archangel Michael/St. George Ukrainian Orthodox Church Served by the Ruling Hierarch of the Western Eparchy, His Eminence Archbishop Daniel and the Clergy of MN Area

In addition to these arrests, there have been a wave of searches of the apartments of opposition figures. Not all have been formally arrested, but some have been detained for some time on increasingly flimsy pretexts.


Photo: Ilya Ponomaryev, longtime Russian human rights activist


What Ukraine’s Jews Fear 2017/4/13 22:35:08

The O.U.N. and its military wing, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, or U.P.A., are now being glorified as freedom fighters. What is not mentioned is the O.U.N.’s xenophobic, anti-Semitic ideology, which described Jews as a “predominantly hostile body within our national organism,” or that the O.U.N.-U.P.A. militia collaborated in the Holocaust and also massacred between 70,000 and 100,000 Polish civilians in order to create an ethnically pure Ukraine.


Blockchain is a ledger of transactions that…has become a key global technology in both the public and private sector given its ability to permanently record and keep track of assets or transactions across all industries.


According to documents released by a Ukrainian lawmaker, Paul Manafort tried to hide payments received from Ukraine's ousted former president through an offshore shell company.


UBO asks: “Is this an opportunity for Ukraine and what is being done about it?”


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