A Memorial church will be arranged in the building along with the permanent exposition in memory of all those who gave their lives for the freedom of the Motherland


Michael Chobanian claims: “By the end of the year, around 150 Bitcoin ATMs will be installed throughout Ukraine. This is at the request of one customer who contacted us. Plus, there is a constant demand from entrepreneurs across Ukraine who want to engage in this business, that is, buy terminals and sell cryptocurrencies.”


  •  Cooperate to modernize existing diesel locomotives and manufacturing of new ones.
  • Cooperation for the locomotive fleet renewal and maintenance with significant localization of Ukrainian components and facilities
  • UZ completed successful trip to the United States meeting with large US companies operating worldwide in railroad equipment manufacturing 

A statue of Friedrich Engels in Manchester, England, where he conducted research in the 1840s. The British artist Phil Collins had the statue trucked from Ukraine.


Credit Joel Fildes, via Shady Lane Productions

The evidence suggests that Russia is getting impatient to find a new mechanism to replace the Minsk process.  There is wide consensus that Minsk is dead but no agreement yet on another vehicle to move the situation in a positive direction acceptable to Ukraine.

Ukrainian army soldiers march on Khreshchatyk street during military parade on the occasion of Ukraine's Independence Day in the capital Kyiv, Ukraine, Monday, Aug. 24, 2015.


Invited to the conference are scientists, post-graduate students, doctoral students, university lecturers, journalists, media specialists, "Religion in Ukraine" has reported, quoting the press service of the Adventists.

In today’s Daily Vertical, Brian Whitmore points to facts that many in Eastern Europe live with every day but are unclear to those in other parts of Europe and North America. Talk about a new Cold War is lost on people like those in eastern Ukraine who live in the daily hell caused by Vladimir Putin and his thuggish puppets who style themselves as “separatists”.


Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) improves 2.6% to its highest price since February 2013

In Ukraine for the announcement, Xcoal President Ernie Thrasher said, “The U.S. coal will replace Russian origin coal at existing thermal power plants.”

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