Analyst: “We expect the next two years to be extremely chaotic, with high potential for the political situation spinning out of the government’s control. We also expect the president to take full advantage of authoritarian measures to maintain order in those moments. But we expect he will see the need to employ them more against the pro-Western activists like Saakashvili, where he sees the bigger threat instead of the Russian-oriented crowd.”


"Our task is to turn the opportunities and the potential, which are being widely discussed now, into concrete practical projects," said Natalia Mykolska [pictured], deputy minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine.


Analyst: “Imports fueled an increasing trade deficit, a trend we expect to continue till the year end. Against this backdrop, we are keeping our C/A deficit forecast unchanged at USD 4.1 bln (3.9% of GDP) for 2017.”

Photo: “Mark Walsh, head of mission for MSF in Ukraine officially opening MSF’s project with Ivan Dudla, medical specialist from the regional health authorities in Mykolayiv.”


“Four of the measures linked to the third and final tranche of this MFA currently remain outstanding. Against this background, the Commission is not in a position to disburse the last tranche of the current MFA programme.”


A "Red Train" of carts is sent out by the Soviet government to take food away from the Ukrainian people. Oleksiyivka, Ukraine. 1932.



Analyst: “While NABU might have some flaws (what government body doesn't?), the Poroshenko administration needs to recognize that NABU enjoys more trust from the public, both domestically and abroad. Lutsenko seems to be starting to understand this to some extent when acknowledging corruption in the migration service.”


Analyst: “…we confirm our EBITDA estimate of DTEK Energy at UAH 17.7-18.0 bln in 2017. We remain bullish on the holding’s Eurobonds. We also warn that key risk for DTEK Energy now is on the regulation side – its well-being in early 2018 will depend much on the ability of Ukrainian power brokers to unfreeze the work of the NERC, Ukraine's power sector regulator.”


The father was killed instantly and seven others injured.


Photo: Police handout


Analyst: “Volker’s comment that the U.S. won’t accept any Russian peacekeepers all but eliminates any hope for that method of resolving the conflict, which we never expected to be successful anyhow.

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