Map detailing the military situation in the combat zone of eastern Ukraine as provided by the Ukraine Ministry of Defense



Bouncing off a two-year low, KSG Agro surges 28.3% over two sessions

Police from the Indian capital raided the 4,000 square-foot mining installation in Dehradun, a city north of Delhi, seizing 100 Ethereum mining rigs along with 500 graphics cards and servers.



Analyst: “…continuing demand for long-term bonds points to an increased share of market participants who are ready to invest in UAH-denominated instruments. This is a sign of increased stability on Ukraine’s financial market.”


On Facebook, the Russian analyst for Deutsche Welle argues that once again a Russian regime is using “Cossacks with whips and black hundreds activists … to beat students.


Analyst: “While justice needs to be pursued in this manner, the looming specter of such payments – let alone criminal charges – will only prompt the Russian government to double down in its resistance and hostility towards the global community.”


Analyst: A bill for about UAH 2,000 mln from Ukreximbank may also follow soon. It is hard to forecast whether SCM will obey such obligations, but if so, it will have to pump a lot of money out of its core assets, Metinvest (METINV) and DTEK (DTEKUA), as we reported on May 4.


The sweeping rollout of these standards, expected to occur before the end of 2019, will include basic standards, business and application standards, process and method standards, credible and interoperable standards and information security standards, according to the director. 


As he meets the Russian president yet again in the wake of Trump's Iran deal exit and escalating tensions over Iran in Syria, Israel must confront the truth: Netanyahu's policy of kowtowing to Moscow isn't working.


Photo courtesy The Kremlin Press Office

The patent application is yet another attempt by the twins at bagging a cryptocurrency-based exchange traded product, with the first ETF proposal being turned down by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission back in March 2017. 


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