“It is not currently common practice among prosecutors to use illicit enrichment as a tool for investigating corruption. We try to raise awareness, explain the background of the offence, the human rights aspect and ways to investigate the crime.”


Russian opposition protester Roman Roslovtsev

Peres, a former president and prime minister, suffered a major stroke from which he never recovered.

Analyst: “The government is targeting the Opposition Bloc for several reasons, which include conducting a public relations campaign of fighting corruption. The government also needs to shift attention from its own economic failures and lack of reforms.”


Analyst: “The spinoff of Russian mines was an expected event, so we do not expect any market reaction to it.”


Meet the new KGB. Same as the old KGB?



It will come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the saga of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 that Russia has again trotted out a general who claims that neither Russia nor its Russia-based rebels could possibly have shot down the plane tnat resulted in 298 dead men, woman and children.  The only consistent theme in these denials is that neither Russia nor any of its Donbas proxies could possibly be responsible. And just as in the past, the evidence studied in immnse detail by the Dutch air crash service strongly suggests that Russian military personnel committed this mass murder.



Russia’s Next Move on Ukraine 2016/9/27 17:40:13

The most likely scenario for eastern Ukraine is that a low-level conflict will continue to simmer. Moscow needs to give up its pipe dream that a pro-Russian government will come to power in Kiev, and forget its convenient but misleading stereotypes about its large neighbor. 


As you will probably have noticed, there has been an immense change in the seating arrangements on Moscow’s flag ship, the Good Ship Putin, which is busily steaming toward the commodore’s desired destination with a safe harbor with every deck chair manned by a blindly loyal Putineer. The new crew’s orders are quite obviously to round up every right wing leader in Europe and prepare for smooth sailing so long as Vladimir Putin draws breath. Almost every Putin old hand from St Petersburg days has been given some meaningless new position and warned to stand clear while the real insider bully boys take over to assure that any dreams of democracy – and that horror of horrors, another possible “color revolution” – are strangled in their crib.


Up to 10,000 service personnel are expected to be deployed at the site which will reportedly house a motorised rifle division.


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