Russia continues to promote the Donbas as a frozen conflict area


By Anton Chekhov, illustrated by Nikolay Chekhov, a new translation from the Russian by Maria Bloshteyn


Russian trucks trying to get to EU countries have been blocked in nine regions of Ukraine


<Photo: Sergei Aleksashenko says the Kremlin’s talk of “a pivot to Asia” to fuel Russian growth is not supported by market realities.



What we know for certain is that Chechen forces are on the ground in Syria. What we don’t know is what their real chain of command is and for whose benefit they are really fighting. What we do know for sure is that nothing the Chechens are doing has any benefit to the Russian people – other than those few at the top who benefit from the Putin regime’s continuing empire building.


APOLOGIA PRO UNIA 2016/2/13 20:25:55

I refuse to apologize for being a uniate, and I should like Pope Francis to likewise refuse any demands of Patriarch Kirill for such an apology, now or ever. Indeed, to return to Fr. Nichols, millions of Eastern Catholics should be thrilled to hear from Francis not an apology but instead as robust a defense as Nichols himself offered: “Rightly understood, it [‘uniate’] is a beautiful word” (p 19) because it is an answer to the prayer of the Byzantine great ektenia: “for the welfare of the holy Churches of God, and the union of them all.”



Russian Patriarch Kirill has met with Pope Francis in Havana while Prime Minister Medvedev has been dispatched to mend fences at the Munich Security Conference. That gives Vladimir Putin plenty of time to think about Russia plummeting relations with Germany, after Angela Merkel said on February 8 that she was "not just appalled but horrified" by the suffering caused by the bombing in Syria, primarily by Russia. Also, Putin can ponder the statement by Sergei Aleksashenko, former Russian Central Bank deputy chairman who said on Feb 10 "the Russian economy is not going to grow" in the near future "and the most likely scenario is stagnation in the medium term."


From Soviet censors to Internet filters: The more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Analyst: “Preserving the cabinet (with some minor reshuffling) looks like the only way for Ukraine to receive international financial support as soon as possible.”


The logo that will accentuate domestic organic products was developed by Kharkiven Polina Makarova – a graduate of the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.

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