Photo: Swedish military personnel in training


Ash: “While all the focus has been on whether or not Poroshenko will support Shokhin's exit (the Rada finally confirmed this today), the bigger story has been the cleansing of the PGO of reformers who were actually going after graft - Sakvarelidze's dismissal is a prime example of this.”

The latest information provided by Cadogan relates to compliance with Rule 2.10 of the UK Takeover Code

One option for new government assumes Jaresko departure and another sees Jaresko as retaining finance ministry while also becoming first deputy prime minister. She has commented publicly on neither idea but extremely likely the IFIs would immensely prefer the latter concept

“The most notorious and the best documented of these massacres took place from 29–30 September 1941, wherein 33,771 Jews were killed. The decision to kill all the Jews in Kyiv was made by the military governor, Major-General Kurt Eberhard, the Police Commander for Army Group South, SS-Obergruppenführer Friedrich Jeckeln, and the Einsatzgruppe C Commander Otto Rasch. It was carried out bySonderkommando 4a soldiers, along with the aid of the SD and SS Police Battalions backed by the local police.” (Ex Wikipedia.) The Babi Yar massacres are generally regarded as the first major event of the Holocaust.

Analyst: “For the state, it could be more efficient in the short term to bankrupt Ukrnafta than to recognize such large obligations. And now since Ukrnafta has huge tax arrears, the state has a strong reason to bankrupt it.”


Not only is Turkish Airlines expanding its service in Ukraine but it has hit the jackpot as a movie sponsor. On January 29, 2016, Turkish Airlines announced its partnership with Warner Bros to sponsor Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. In the movie, a pivotal scene unfolds aboard a 777 Turkish Airlines plane. Just a few hours ago, Forbes magazine announced that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opened all around the world over the last week, and it netted a superb $254 million in foreign box office. That’s the fifth biggest overseas debut of all time.

Analyst: “It’s possible that Groysman will be voted on by the Rada this week but we don’t expect a new coalition to emerge this week, or the next few weeks for that matter.”


"At 10:00 a.m., we are starting at three checkpoints: Chongara, Chaplinka and Kalanchak," - Crimea Civil Blockade organization announced, according to TASS.


Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti was on a "mission of reconciliation" to the region


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