If the bill is passed and signed into law, the National Bank of Ukraine would have two months from that date to create guidelines for exchanges.


Milos Zeman may represent neither the majority opinion in his country nor official Czech state policy but that has certainly not slowed his pro-Russian pronouncements in European fora. [file photo]


Sergiy Gusovsky (center), head of the Samopomich faction in the Kyiv city council and entrepreneur, with supporters in Kyiv October 9. Courtesy photo.



After a varied career in a number of fields – including a stint as an editor of this publication – Alfonsine Williams is enjoying well-deserved success in his real first love - American football. 

Photo: The Phantom was designed with input from frontline Ukrainian troops who have been slugging it out against Russian forces.

Self-exiled from Russia, Masha Gessen continues to write about her homeland with unique perspective and understanding. Her books have considerable interest for Ukraine since Russia seems utterly incapable of considering Ukraine a truly independent state, with the subversion of Ukraine the major building block of Vladimir Putin’s obsession of empire.

Analyst: “Against this backdrop we are keeping our projection on hryvnia at UAH 28.0 - 28.5 per USD by year end.”



Analyst: “The news flow promises little positive for Ukraine’s government, which has already spent UAH 139 bln on injecting capital into the bank and will likely spend another UAH 16 bln in the near future.”


The creation of cryptocurrencies is the result of man’s search for a more efficient currency.

The 12-meter-tall statue of Jesus in Truskavets is in fact a copy of the famous “Christ the Savior” in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian Christ, about 40 meters tall, is also installed on a hill within the city.


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