Currently the Archeparchy of Philadelphia is made up of roughly 67,250 faithful and 74 parishes under its canonical jurisdiction.


Analyst: “Ukraine’s reserves will resume growth after the next IMF tranche is approved. We expect USD 1.0 bln to arrive this fall, another USD 0.5 bln from a sovereign international Eurobond placement, and USD 0.5-0.8 bln to be raised from local Eurobonds. This should underpin gross reserves rising to USD 18.5 bln by end-2017.”


The Case for Arming Ukraine 2017/8/8 20:33:06

Sending weapons to Kyiv would reaffirm America’s commitment to the post-Cold War global order while raising the cost of Moscow’s continued territorial aggression.


Photo: Ukrainian soldiers at the Yavoriv Combat Training Center in June. (Photo: US Army Sergeant Anthony Jones 


Analyst: “We don’t expect any breakthroughs in the conflict, which will become centered around the presidential and parliamentary elections as 2019 draws closer.”


Two Ukrainian Donbas Battalion volunteers at their frontline post, Summer 2017.


(Photo credit: Seth J. Frantzman)

Analyst: “A constant lack of working capital financing impacts Mriya’s sowing activity, making its forecasts on harvests and P&L risky.


The country’s cumulative installed PV capacity has now surpassed 700 MW, while total renewable energy generation has reached 1.46 GW. The 10 MW solar facility shown in this photo is located near Yavoriv in Lviv region.

Analyst: “We estimate that a 4% total harvest drop in 2H17 will shave off about 0.2pp of GDP growth for the year. If our projections come to reality, GDP growth will be 1.7% yoy in 2017 compared to 1.9% yoy we estimated previously.”


Charles A. Kupchan, a professor of international affairs at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, served on the National Security Council from 2014 to 2017.


Analyst: Sooner or later, Putin will have to decide on whether it’s worth it for him to remain in Ukraine.

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