Hours before Petro Poroshenko’s arrival, details of the meeting had still not been confirmed with the apparently reluctant US president. Poroshenko’s treatment is likely to be seen in Ukraine, the rest of Europe and by many in Washington as a partial snub.

President Donald Trump tweets often about what he calls “the Russia thing”. In fact, he has done so with such frequency that many observers have come to suspect that there is a lot more fire to go with the frequent smoke signals. One piece of investigative reporting by Business Insider earlier this year could provide the answer as to why Trump continues to obsess about the “Russia thing”. We recommend that you make this article your MUST READ in developing an understanding of Trump’s fears of the special counsel’s investigation.

Reports that Donald Trump will receive Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ahead of his first meeting with Vladimir Putin are causing a sensation in Kyiv. Could the move signal a new policy for the US in Ukraine?



from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Published on 19 Jun 2017


EUAM: “…the criminal investigation system in Ukraine lacks effectiveness when compared to other European countries, due to outdated, post-Soviet criminal investigation structures and a complicated Criminal Procedure Code.”


Analyst: “Now it’s apparent that the Croatian approach is not feasible, as the Ukrainian side is just as exhausted after three years of fighting, if not more so.”


Ash: “…the message from Moscow…we can still access markets, despite sanctions.”


Russian regimes will always have Western apologists, dupes and, not least, sentimentalists who idealize the bygone Russia of Tolstoy and Chekhov, of Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov. But that Russia’s gone, and it can never return. Stalin destroyed its DNA in the gulag or drove it into exile. In place of Pushkin, today’s Russians get Putin. 


Twins Alina and Emilija Wellbrock are multi-talented dancers, originally from Ukraine.

Maksim Kustov has been banned for four years


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