Analyst: “The enhanced possibility to withdraw 2016 dividends is another positive signal from the NBU confirming the regulator’s confidence in the hryvnia's prospects.”

…resentment of alleged Western Christian hostility and feelings of victimization are a common motif in Russian Orthodox thinking.


Photo: Gennadii Zuganov, head of Russia’s Communist Party and Patriarch Kirill


Analyst: “…we are keeping our initial forecast of a USD 4.4 bln trade deficit in 2017”


Violent scenes erupted between Russia and England fans inside and outside the stadium when they met in Marseille at Euro 2016



Russian is today paying an annual tax tribute to Chechnya of 10 US dollars, far more than is going to any other federal subject

Photo: Dmitry Kiselyov


CPJ: “We call on Russian authorities to act swiftly, decisively, and effectively to rein in all those responsible for threatening Elena Milashina and other Novaya Gazeta journalists for the newspaper’s work,” CPJ Europe and Central Asia Program Coordinator Nina Ognianova said.


“May the Good Shepherd come to the aid of Ukraine, still beset by conflict and bloodshed, to regain social harmony.  May he accompany every effort to alleviate the tragic sufferings of those affected by the conflict,” said the Pontiff.


Califorctenus cacachilensis is the width of a softball and represents a new genus of arachnids


Photo: Califorctenus cacachilensis (San Diego Natural History Museum)


Rabbi Deitsch had organized Jewish activities in France, Israel and Haditch, Ukraine


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