Russian President Vladimir Putin (center), FIFA President Gianni Infantino (left), and Krasnodar Governor Veniamin Kondratyev visit Fisht Stadium, which will host World Cup matches, in Sochi on May 3.



Metropolitan Oleksandr: “The fact is that, after analyzing almost a century-long history of the struggle of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians for autocephaly, I realized: there is no alternative to the canonical independence of our Church.”


Analyst: “We project a 6.1% YTD monetary base increase in 2018 (vs. 4.6% YTD in 2017) on the back of limited budget deficit financing and potential gross reserves accumulation.”

Widely held Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) climbed 1.1%, or 3.5% in three sessions.


“Putin may hope that Russian women will begin to have three or four children, but the number of potential mothers and their family size preferences make such hopes ‘unserious.” And the Kremlin leader may hope for economic growth but fails to talk about any systemic changes that such growth would require.


Historian Anne Applebaum: “This is a famine that took place for political reasons. The Soviet Union was trying to eliminate the Ukrainian national movement. It was trying to eliminate many peasants.”


UBO: Now Stalin’s successor, Vladimir Putin, wants to eliminate any Ukrainian of an independent mind.

"He didn't really strongly gather in anything. On the contrary, he lost Ukraine. Now he seems to be gradually losing [the breakaway Moldovan region of] Transdniester, which is drifting out of Russia's sphere of influence. And Armenia is beginning to move away.... But the television view is that Putin is a victor, that he restored Crimea. But is it such an achievement to lose Ukraine with its 40 million people to gain the 2 million in Crimea?"


Photo: Anti-Trump demonstration in his native city of St. Petersburg, Russia


The cryptocurrency market has declined by more than 20 percent over the past week. But, given the upcoming events including the Blockchain Week in New York, it is likely that the market will see a recovery in volume across major exchanges, allowing the market to rebound. 




Ran Neuner, the producer of CNBC’s CryptoTrader, who has offered extensive coverage of the South Korean cryptocurrency market this week, stated that local investors believe traders on UPbit sold their cryptocurrencies on the platform with the intention of moving them to other platforms or cryptocurrency exchange. As such, investors expect the market to rebound soon. 


Analyst: “We still expect the legislation’s approval in line with Western requirements. If that doesn’t happen and Ukraine fails to qualify for the IMF loan tranche, we don’t think Poroshenko will succeed in shifting the blame to parliament. In that scenario, we expect his poll ratings, already collapsing, will be irreparably ruined.”


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