Visa-free travel and a new trade accord strengthen Ukraine’s bonds to Europe.

Analyst: “Rather than striving for genuine rule of law and equality before the law, Poroshenko and his team are maintaining a system of selective prosecution and intimidation, particularly of rivals.”

US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis: “The United States stands with you, we support you in the face of threats to sovereignty, to international law or to the international order.”


Ukrainian dance troupe Light Balance performed in the dark with neon lights on their clothing that flashed to the beat of the music. Host Tyra Banks pressed her “Golden Buzzer,” sending them straight to the live rounds.

A Belarus state-owned enterprise subsidiary has reportedly won a contract to provide repairs of a section of the H-16 motorway Zolotonosha-Cherkasy-Smila-Uman.


There is no difference between those who destroyed the ancient monuments in Palmyra and those who defaced the face of Mephistopheles in St. Petersburg or those who want to ban a movie because they bow down to “the sainted martyr Nicholas II.”


Analyst: “Of the four items mentioned by the IMF, Ukraine has had the most success in demonstrating its anti-corruption efforts.”


Ralph Peters suggests Iran is manipulating Syria situation to promote wider war


Photo: Remains of the Syrian SU-22 shot down by US forces


Ash: “Likely this was staged to enable the Trump administration to roll out these sanctions in a show of support for Ukraine and also to try and show a hawkish side to Russia in front of its critics at home.”

Europe's human rights court ruled that Russian restrictions on homosexuality violate rights to freedom of expression. Russia says it plans to appeal.

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