When the NKVD rounded up the Crimean Tatars and loaded them onto box cars for deportation to the wilds of Central Asia, the officers in Stalin’s secret police missed those who were living in three coastal villages.  That presented a problem: if they reported their mistake, they’d be exiled as well, and if they shot those people, they’d have to account for the bullets. So, Stalin’s NKVD detachments on the ground came up with a horrific “solution.” They loaded up the Crimean Tatars in these three villages onto garbage scows and had them pulled out into the deep waters of the Black Sea. There, the Soviet police beat them to death and tossed their bodies into the water.


Analyst: “… if they happen, sanctions against Germany over Nord Stream 2 will take the U.S.-Russia conflict to a higher, more dangerous level.”

UBO: The dependence of the United States on sanctions as a tool of international policy and the development of cryptocurrency as a method of capital movement outside the standard banking system are set to go hand-in-hand. We are likely to get proof of that very soon, based on Secretary of State Pompeo’s shrill statement of demands on Iran announced today. As for Russian President Vladimir Putin, he has become the strongest high level cryptocurrency promoter in the Russian Federation and has ordered development of a state cryptocurrency, the cryptoruble. 


Ukraine’s most widely traded stock, Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) declined 1.1%, finishing the week at a 2.2% loss.


Britain has been a major landing spot for a massive flight of Russian funds since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union.


A process that could take at least years - maybe decades - is slowly moving the Kyiv Patriarchate toward achieving official recognition as autocephalous


Photo: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (left) talks with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in Istanbul on April 9.

"First, those forces should be deployed along the internationally recognized border between Ukraine and Russia," he said. "I also stressed in the strongest terms that if that happened, those forces should deploy across all territory which today is in the hands of separatists.”


Typical of the synagogues documented by Christian Herrmann is this crumbling building that served the Jewish population of the Galician town of Zalishchyky in Ternopil Oblast.


In January, Swiss economics minister Johann Schneider-Ammann called on Switzerland to become “the crypto nation” and urged the nation to build on the proactive lead taken through embracive initiatives like in the city of Zug, a Swiss town that has come to known as the ‘Crypto Valley’.



The Kazakh president’s bullish outlook on virtual currencies clashes with Kazakhstan’s National Bank, which is considering banning crypto use and mining, as CCN has reported. 


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