These scammers are usually easy to spot, as they use recently created accounts, with usernames with extra letters, and without a blue checkmark only Twitter can give its users.


The anti-crypto campaign was orchestrated by Youtube partner network in Poland, Gamellon. The Central Bank of Poland had spent 91,000 Zloty (about $27,000) for this campaign.


“If you break into a house and steal only some small thing, it is still breaking and entering even if it shows that you are not much of a thief.”

A new indictment has accused former Trump aide Paul Manafort of paying some €2 million to European politicians to support a pro-Russian government in Ukraine. The lobbying group was led by a "former European chancellor."


Photo: Former Austrian Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer

Direct robbery is not the only method criminals have used to steal cryptocurrency. At the end of last year, news spread that an executive of the Ukrainian EXMO exchange had been kidnapped, with criminals demanding a $1m Bitcoin ransom.


Photo: Taipei, Taiwan skyline

UBO: Special Counsel Robert Mueller is using strong pressure against Paul Manafort, who served for some time as campaign manager of Donald Trump, in what appears to be an attempt to force Manafort to divulge details of whether the approximately $75 million that Manafort allegedly illegally laundered is related to Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election, illegal funds being laundered for Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of Regions – or some of both. With Manafort’s long-time associate Rick Gates reported to have made a deal with Mueller for cooperation, the insider bets are that Manafort will eventually capitulate. No matter what happens when Manafort begins what are expected to be multiple hearings for the U.S. House and Senate committees, the results are expected to be echoed in Ukraine’s parliamentary and presidential elections.


The tradition of rehabilitation of the military and their families in the Monastery of Goshiv has lasted for two and a half years with 22 cycles having already been completed.

Analyst: “…we argue that the [High Anti-Corruption] Court’s creation is more important than next year’s elections since most of the candidates represent the current system and are unlikely to change it, which would mean another five years of stagnation.”


Ash: Progress has been made with gas price reform, e-declarations, reform of VAT refunds, prozorro, but much more needs to be done, and perhaps the ACC [Anti-Corruption Court] could be the game changer.

While the vast majority of tokens and cryptocurrencies in the global market fell by around 10 percent overnight, bitcoin has sustained its momentum in the $11,000 region, with strong volumes.



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