“…seizing the assets of Putin and other Russians held abroad via the new sanctions law will help promote the necessary changes in Russia and bring closer the day these assets can be returned.



Photo: Zhanar Akhmet was detained in Kyiv last month based on a Kazakh arrest warrant that accuses her of fraud.



Luhansk’s strongman director Igor Plotnitsky is officially backed by the Kremlin – but elements of Russia’s security services appear to support his rival. Photo: Armed men without insignia ride on a personnel carrier along a street in Luhansk city, Ukraine, on November 23, 2017 EPA


Crimean Tatar campaigner Vedzhie Kashka died after several fellow activists were detained by Russian officers. (file photo)


Ukrainian sources contacted by UBO believe a combination of strong Chinese interest in corn in part to help fight domestic pollution problems and strengthening USD – weaker UAH – could provide some positive impetus for Ukrainian exports.

Analyst: “…it looks like our end-2017 Ukraine gross reserves forecast of USD 18.0 bln is too optimistic.”

Photo: Armed men wearing masks are seen in the center of Luhansk on November 22.



Analyst: “Higher assumed coal costs will increase the average electricity rate of thermal power plants next year by about 18% yoy, we estimate based on the announced parameters. That should more than cover cost inflation for DTEK Energy next year (DTEKUA).”


Fighting over monuments to the past has become a regular feature inside the countries of the former Soviet bloc and among them as well, with decisions to erect or dismantle this or that statue sparking controversies in many places. But now, such disputes are spreading far beyond the borders of what was that bloc.


The day’s best news came on the LSE where Ukraine’s most widely held stock, Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) climbed 0.2% extending its winning streak to 4.9% in four straight positive sessions.


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